Governance of AfTra

Hosted by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and initially funded by the Canadian Government, AfTra is a professional Secretariat with a streamlined governance structure that promotes clear accountability and transparency.

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Our governance structure provides an important strategic oversight function for the Fund, drawing upon the expertise of a number of Bank. 

Divisions alongside the Government of Canada and future donors. There are mechanisms in place on fiduciary controls and reporting against implementation. Projects are scored against feasibility in line with our operational guidelines.

Board of Directors of the Bank

Approves key documents such as the Grant Agreement and projects over USD 1 million. 

Government of Canada / Donors

Provides an oversight function including approval of AfTra’s strategic and operational focus, annual work plans and budget and projects between USD 100,000 and USD 1 million.

Technical Review Committee (TRC)

The TRC is primarily responsible for ensuring the technical and financial feasibility of all funding requests and their alignment to the Bank’s rules and procedures. It comprises representatives of Trade development Division; Resource Mobilization and Partnerships; Office of General Counsel and Legal Services; Fiduciary and Financial Management; Financial reporting; and Strategy and Operational Policies.

Resource Mobilization and Partnerships Department (FIRM) 

Oversees resource mobilization and ensures appropriate resources management, fiduciary control and external communications with Donors.

Industrial and Trade Development Department (PITD)

Serves as the Secretariat of AfTra.

How is AfTra managed?

AfTra’s team is composed of a Fund Coordinator, a Fund Coordination Team and a Trust Fund Management Specialist. 

The Fund Coordinator is responsible for strategic planning and oversight, resource mobilization and monitoring achievements of objectives and outcomes. 

The Fund Coordination Team and the Trust Fund Management Specialist act as focal points and are responsible for the day-to-day management of AfTra.

They oversee implementation of all approved projects as per the approved work plans and coordinate the assessment of impacts and results of each project funded under the facility.

Our team

The AfTra Secretariat is an integral part of the Bank’s operations and is supported by experts in NEPAD, the Regional Integration and Trade Department and across the Bank.

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