Gaining Funding Approval

If your application has not been rejected during the call for proposal review process, you will join our pipeline of projects being prepared for Bank approval.

Preparing you for Bank approval

Depending on the complexity and specifics of your project, the AfTra team will work with you in order to help refine your application and/or develop a full appraisal report for final Bank approval.

AfTra Pipeline of Operations and Approval Process

Further field or desk approval

During the review process, the Bank may decide that a field mission is needed, particularly if a project is in a country where the Bank has no official representation, or if the value of a project exceeds USD1,000,000.

Bank approval and payment of grants

Once approved, the Bank will prepare a legal agreement document to be signed by both parties. Grants will be paid according to the agreed schedule as long as all the appropriate conditions are met.

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