AfTra Mission and Vision

The Africa Trade Fund (AfTra) aims to unlock Africa’s trade potential.

We all know that trade supports economies to grow, leading to more jobs and higher incomes. AfTra is here to unlock barriers to trade, and build a sustainable platform to help Africa enjoy a stronger role in the global marketplace.

AfTra Mission and Vision

The goal of the Fund is to achieve more sustainable economic growth, contribute to poverty reduction and help Regional Member Countries (RMCs) meet their development goals through enhanced integration in regional and global trading systems.

Closing gaps, removing barriers, building the future

By facilitating funding and providing expert technical support, we are helping close the soft infrastructure gaps that are holding back farmers, producers, traders, businessmen and women in low-income countries from being more competitive. 

Focusing on facilitating trade, developing products and markets and building capacity in institutions, we are working to build the continent’s prosperity with equity.

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