Honey value chain development project (Zambia)

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The Honey Value Chain project aims to improve the livelihoods of producers, processors and traders of honey and bee products by facilitating the expansion of trade and production. It will achieve this goal by improving the capacity of stakeholders to comply with SPS measures. The project will also improve the capacity of SPS authorities to perform regulatory functions including surveillance and monitoring of SPS risks in the honey sector. 

The project will create a positive impact on the incomes of 35,000 honey-dependent households who are the primary producers. Market incentives created by improved capacity in SPS, and food safety are expected to generate additional exports and revenues of honey and bee products from the current levels of 4,000 MTa projected 6,000 MT by 2018. This will increase export revenue from $3.5 million to more than $4.5 million per annum. Compliance with SPS requirements will enable traders move from exportation of bulk honey to the more lucrative table honey and help facilitate value chain upgrading.


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